Spanking and Torture in an Ancient Chinese Court

That’s like saying people trying to reduce the usage of heroine and meth are just being puritanical and just trying to control people and ruin their fun. No, its because its highly damaging to the individual and by extension the society. Further more you claim that its religions fault, perhaps you would like to explain why every single society in the world with no exception has prohibitions and taboos against casual promiscuous sex? Also why would you specify women’s sexuality when the restrictions where placed on men as well? That seems like a rather odd omission, is it because that way you can claim to be a victim and as such dismiss any and all critiques on the behavior that you don’t like by claiming its “oppressive” towards women? I mean that’s like saying that since rapist will do what ever they want or murders or child abusers are going to do what they want we might as well just pretend like its normal and fine and do nothing about it. I mean why would people doing it anyway mean we shouldn’t point out its negative effects to discourage it? Most people are convinced early on that this is healthy when it clearly isn’t so informing people of the potential consequences allows for them to make an informed decision about it rather then making it based upon manipulative propaganda. No one is trying to control your body, that’s just absurd and your fully aware of it, their are no laws what so ever to dictate your behavior, ironic considering that women have actively pushed for laws that allow them to control men removal of parental rights, removal of reproductive rights etc. In fact I think its fully within your legal rights to do so and you should have the right to have sex with whomever you wish for what ever reason you wish so long as its consensual.

Man executed for murder, raping three year

Hena Akhter, 14, died in hospital 11 days ago after she was sentenced to lashes by village elders and clerics who alleged she had been having an affair with her married cousin. After a postmortem at her district hospital, doctors in Shariatpur, around 60km south of the capital, Dhaka, said they could find no signs of injury. But Hena’s body was exhumed on Tuesday night on orders from the High Court, and a second autopsy concluded that she had died from internal bleeding and septicaemia caused by wounds “of a homicidal nature” on her scalp, abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs.

At the High Court, Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury ordered the ministry of health to investigate the three doctors who carried out the first postmortem on suspicion of medical negligence, raising the possibility that they had been pressed into suppressing signs of injuries.

For unmarried men and women, the punishment prescribed in the Qur’an and hadith is lashes. Allegedly Raped by Stepfather Sentenced to Whip Lashes for Premarital Sex in Maldives. I doubt Biblical law would treat women any better.

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The Execution of Children

Daily Mail Thu, 01 Feb An Acehnese woman covers her face as she is whipped in public for having sex outside marriage, an act which is punished under sharia law in the province of Aceh and is set to become a crime under state law in the entire country Sex outside marriage is set to become a crime in Indonesia, following a proposal by lawmakers this week.

If the revision to the criminal code is passed by Parliament, sexual acts involving unmarried persons and gay sex in any form would be punishable by up to five years in prison. Sex outside marriage is already considered a crime in Indonesia’s Aceh province, where strict Shariah law is implemented and those who violate it are whipped in public. Rights groups and legal experts fear this will set back human rights and privacy in Indonesia, and the spread of vigilantism, already common in parts of the sprawling Muslim-majority nation of more than million people.

They are racing to organize opposition, and an online petition launched this week has gathered more than 20, signatures.

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I don’t believe everything they say. Bitter pill to swallow! If I was the mother I would have added to the lashes amin. Couldn’t believ it too till I saw vid.. Ish but Its the man who went chasing after the little girl.. You Just Disappointed Me It Prolly Coulda Been Hearsay. Some Women Dumb Sha.. You dont beat up a girl like that on mere assumption.

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He was married for 10 years and has been divorced for about 2. His ex still gives him a hard time, but he says that he has moved on. He has custody of one child and she the other.

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It’s hard not to find clear, religious instructions such as the following “repugnant”, especially when taken as the word of god with support from ahadeeth – the supposed words of the prophet – that go as far as prescribing stoning: And let a group of the believers witness their punishment. It’s at the core of the problem and not something to be dismissed because of paranoia over motives or simply “interpreted” away in order to appease religious sensibility.

Because even one further bit of searchin throws up a different set of interpretations – which, at the very least, suggests that another set of interpretations is there to be had. This commentary gives a quite different take on the matters at hand. It begins by contextualising the issue within what Islam teaches about the value of human life, the responsibility to protect and respect women – parts which, though you and the fundamentalists alike may seek to excise from the texts albeit it for different reasons , do exist, nonetheless.

Then, with greater specificity, it cites different ahadeeth to those you mentioned: During the time of the Prophet saw punishment was inflicted on the rapist on the solitary evidence of the woman who was raped by him.

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Wesley Edward Arnold MA. With thanks to the help of many folks to told me their memories. References and credits are being added. Please advise of any omissions.

“The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day.

Translated article from Swedish newspaper In Sweden there are many no-go zones, thanks to feminism importing Islamic patriarchy. The muslims consider those areas their own, not part of Swedish law, pockets if Sharia and Islamic patriarchy. Police don’t go there. Nice job, feminists, you have imported pockets of Patriarchy into your feminist utopia. Just what you can expect of women. And the irony is of course that in these areas, women are truly oppressed by their Islamic men.

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The year-old is expected to be deported on Wednesday after serving time for her role in a plot to smuggle 8. Lawrence had an informal farewell at Bangli prison on Monday in the form of a short Hindu ceremony that she requested so she could thank fellow inmates and guards. Bali prison officials set Wednesday as her release date, but Lawrence may have to spend some hours at an immigration detention centre before boarding a flight to Australia.

Prison governor Made Suwendra told The Australian that Lawrence was spending her final days at Bangli with inmate friends and relatives but didn’t want to talk to the media in case “her words could get taken out of context and she might ruin her chance of a release, or land herself in trouble once she gets to Australia”. Her father Bob Lawrence has told reporters she is anxious her return will spark a media circus like the one that followed fellow drug smuggler Schapelle Corby’s return to Australia last year.

Jul 28,  · The state-run newspaper accused her of adultery and described her as 22 years old. Although the exact nature of the crime is unknown, she spent a short time in prison and received lashes. mean it should be brushed under the carpet.. this is an horrific story and my heartfelt sympathies got out to the girls family,, but for women.

Share this article Share All three sit down at the table and the two adult women engage in a discussion and then look over to the pair of women that are already eating their food. One of the diners who has her back to the camera is sitting with her handbag between her and the chair. In the video posted on YouTube a pair of women are seen dining in the centre of the restaurant as the trio walk in and take a table next to them Unfolding: One of the thieves then speaks to the young girl who then gets up from the table and walks around the back of the diner’s chair The girl stops and holds on to the back of her chair before she leans over and dips into the open handbag with her right arm Target: She takes a few seconds to rummage around in the bag before withdrawing a white phone One of the thieves then speaks to the young girl who then gets up from the table and walks around the back of the diner’s chair.

The girl stops and holds on to the back of her chair before she leans over and dips into the open handbag with her right arm.

Lashes! Woman Accuses Teen Of Dating Her Man

She was sentenced to “lapidation” stoning to death under Article of the Sudanese Criminal Act of Saadia told them that her husband had been absent for more than one year. Lawyers at ACAL were aware that some experts on Islamic jurisprudence state that the absence of a husband for at least one year is tantamount to divorce and is, therefore, grounds for cancellation of a stoning sentence.

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Both misdemeanours and serious offenses were punished by flogging and other forms of physical punishment. Some men received hundreds and even thousands of lashes during their imprisonment. Detail of the mid-cord knots. Detail of the end-cord knots. The instrument traditionally has nine thongs as a result of the manner in which rope is braided.

Thinner rope is made from three strands of yarn braided together, and thicker rope from three strands of thinner rope braided together. To make a cat o’ nine tails, a rope is simply unraveled into three small ropes, and each of those next unraveled, again in three.

Lashes! Woman Accuses Teen Of Dating Her Man

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Rare and disturbing footage has captured the moment a woman screams in pain as she’s lashed across the back during a brutal Sharia law punishment.

The woman is whipped five times before she collapses on a stage in front of a heckling crowd. Dozens of onlookers appear to have gathered to watch the woman’s punishment, with some filming the event on their phones. It is not clear why the woman is being publicly punished. As the woman kneels on stage stage wearing a pink headdress, a masked man stands behind her with a cane in his hand.

Girl Severely Whipped by Jealous Woman Whose Boyfriend She Dated Jealous woman suspected a schoolgirl of dating her boyfriend and set up a revenge. She invited the girl to her house, locked the door and whipped her senseless with a sjambok.

Share this article Share A local judge said the penalty was in line with the constitution and criminal law. A spokesman for the justice ministry was unavailable for comment. Public lashings and executions were common under the Taliban, who enforced a strict interpretation of Sharia law from In May, a woman named Farkhunda above was beaten to death by a mob in the centre of Kabul after being falsely accused of burning a Koran The Islamist militant group was ousted from power by a U.

The foreign-backed government does not enforce Sharia law and generally condemns the practices of beating and stoning when they occur, particularly in areas under insurgent control. Earlier this month, five people were arrested in the north for beating a man and his daughter for robbery. In May, a woman was beaten to death by a mob in the centre of Kabul after being falsely accused of burning a Koran.


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