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Run the beta and type “sm version” to confirm it’s loaded. The biggest thing this lets you do right now is toggle sentries seeing enemies, but it can also be used for other things like changing spy cloak time or even friendly transparency. Note that not all sourcemod plugins will work with it – most notably, anything that spawns entities will not work yet. Spawning Props and other Models Edit This was probably one of the most annoying thing I had to find out myself. When I first did this, I had Error models cause I didn’t know exactly what to do. Spawning is not as easy as opening a menu and picking a model like Garry’s Mod. But here’s a step by step guide to help you. Follow this guide for finding models while in Source Filmmaker. Go to Tools Tab on the top bar There is no tools tab, but I’m crap at explaining things so go figure. You will have to start a New file.

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We both counted zombies several times. I have done it on every wave from from I got very, very good at it, sad to say. On 56 they wouldnt always die but on wave 5, it is pretty much the entire horde you kill with the bomb. We disarm the 4 bombers that come out of the salt mine on wave 4 in different areas so we would have more than one attempt each wave.

Dec 19,  · This topic is currently marked as “dormant”—the last message is more than 90 days old. You can revive it by posting a reply. Well! After a hiatus in from participating in LT groups, I had a blast doing the 50 books challenge in I actually ended up reading a little over books, I.

An obsolete alias of true Public Instance Methods obj! Nil means the two values could not be compared. This method must always be called with an explicit receiver, as class is also a reserved word in Ruby. See also the discussion under Object dup. The method parameter can be a Proc, a Method or an UnboundMethod object. If a block is specified, it is used as the method body.

This method may have class-specific behavior. While clone is used to duplicate an object, including its internal state, dup typically uses the class of the descendant object to create the new instance. When using dup , any modules that the object has been extended with will not be copied. If a block is given, it will be used to calculate the size of the enumerator without the need to iterate it see Enumerator size. Here is such an example, with parameter passing and a sizing block: Typically, this method is overridden in descendant classes to provide class-specific meaning.

This is used by Hash to test members for equality. For objects of class Object, eql?

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Changed line s 61,63 click to see context from: They mostly weren’t taken seriously Windows in Vista, 7, and 8 use a default timer precision of Programs that are waiting on something will schedule a timer based on this precision.

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A blog about the Perl programming language Rethinking smart matching By brian d foy on July 11, 2: He reduces the table to just a few operations: It also leaves behind the idea that a smart match can decide on its own how to get the answer. For instance, a smart match might short-circuit, might hand off the work to another machine, or parallelize it. That is, most of the power of smart matching is in container types.

With Ricardo’s table, I’d rather see smart matching completely removed. I’d like to bring back some of what we left behind with Perl 5. My vision of smart matching is one that simplifies common questions we like to ask in a conditional. As such, if a smart match wouldn’t simplify the conditional, I want to remove that feature. Remove the numish stuff. Let Perl compare things as strings in all cases.

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Unable to express his feelings, Asad accidentally records a video message for a departing Ms. But finding true love isn’t easy. Zoya, the eternal misfit and optimist, came to Bhopal to find a long-lost father; she found much more instead. While Asad’s raging angst built precise walls at degree angles, Zoya bumped into them leaving behind a glittery giggle heap.

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Restrictor Fixed an issue where you could not fire off the second charge of Tier 8 Restrictor as long as the first charge was active. Warrior Abilities Flash Bang Fixed a bug where the blind was not being applied when using T8 of the ability. Tremor Fixed a bug where Tremor was not triggering daze or other procs. Arenas Rated Arenas will now award loot bags or prestige upon completion or win of the Arena’s public events. Halls of the Bloodsworn Fixed an issue that sometimes caused rating to decrease when leaving a Halls of the Bloodsworn match too quickly after the win.

A potential fix has been added to Halls of the Bloodsworn for the secondary objectives in order prevent them from being unusable at certain times. Content Algoroc Updated Mining Drill and Mining Bot raw scans to despawn its resources after three and a half minutes. Auroria The Plagued Hycrest Guard on Gruesome Secrets will now respawn after the vignette plays out after a successful holdout. This should cut down on the chances of this creature getting into a stuck state.


Jakob Jenkov Last update: DatabaseMetaData interface you can obtain meta data about the database you have connected to. For instance, you can see what tables are defined in the database, and what columns each table has, whether given features are supported etc. The DatabaseMetaData interface contains a lot of methods, and not all of them will be covered in this tutorial. You should check out the JavaDoc’s.

This text will just cover enough to give you a feeling for what you can do with it.

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This linkage of defects with entities enables to Trace your defects from perspective of QC entities Search defects that are related to specific QC entities Link multiple entities of same type to the same defect Defect Requirement: Associating defects with test requirements will help to ensure consistency throughout the testing process The defect-requirement association enables us to utilize the status of defects to determine whether requirements have been met A requirement can be associated with more than one defect Either a existing defect can be associated with the requirement or new defect can be added to requirement Defect Test: Association of defect with test helps to ensure defect traceability throughout the testing process.

A defect may be indirectly linked to a test through other entities, such as a test instance, a test run, or a test step Tests from Test plan module can be associated with defects that have been logged in the Defects module Defect Matching: Matching defects enables you to eliminate similar and duplicate defects in your project Each time you add a new defect, Quality Center stores lists of keywords from the Summary and Description fields When you search for similar defects, keywords in these fields are matched against other defects Note that keywords must be more than two characters and letter case does not affect your results Updating the defects: A defect can be regularly updated to record all the information about an issue.

A defect can be regularly updated to record decisions made as different individuals review the defect. While updating the defect ,click Details to update specific data fields. Click Attachments to attach files to defect. Click Linked entities and then click the Defects tab to link a defect to another defect. Click Others tab to link a defect to other entities such as a test or test set.


I’m only listening to these when stuck in a car, so this will take awhile. Once done, will ignore the show for awhile to let more episodes build up. This show is very painful to listen to, thanks to all the non-technical talk, music, politics, and SJW stuff. However, I did occasionally glean useful tidbits. A fast-forward button is mandatory to retain sanity.

Lancer bugged (or just incorrect tooltip) arush that gives 15% extra skill damage instead of 5% and divine protection/shield for skipping mechs are just too good right now. Currently I only ims and run with my guild as a tank.

Posted on 01 February 11 at Ed, the story in Brink seems to be designed in a modular way, where you could almost play it out of order. Is that the case and, if so, is that intentional? One of the challenges with writing Brink’s Security and Resistance campaign storylines was that, while we assumed most players would pick a faction and then play that campaign’s missions in order, we didn’t want to prevent friends from playing with each other.

That meant they had to be able to join each other’s campaigns to make their single player game instantly co-op or multiplayer at any point, so each mission and cinematic had to make sense on their own, in any order. Also, with Brink, there’s genuine replay value in the maps and the cinematics. Even if you’ve played a mission before, there may be minor details in the cinematic you missed that only become significant once you’ve played through both campaigns or listened to an audio diary.

Alternatively, you can just skip them and get on with running around and shooting stuff. That’s a completely valid way to play the game too.

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Please Sign up or sign in to vote. In this article, I’d like to show a simple algorithm for approximate pattern matching. This term generally means that you want to find all places in a big string text where a short string pattern resides in it. In this form, it defines exact pattern matching. But in our case, we will allow some “errors” places where the symbol in the text is not equal to the symbol in the pattern.

We just want to limit the number of such errors.

First of all, our statistics show that our most popular instance is Karazhan, that’s getting done by more players right now—each day we get statistics that show what our most popular instances are, and each day it comes back Karazhan, so a lot of people are doing that.

TA Score for this game: Please log in to vote. Better Late Than Never Review: Red Dead Redemption I was dreading the day I would start working on this review. It meant I had finally completed the single player game and spent some time in multiplayer. Red Dead Redemption was like my favorite movie, show or book. You fear that something great is coming to an end and look for something to fill that void. Let’s get it out of the way right now.

This game is 5 out of 5 stars No doubt about it. This is my Game of the Year, and easily one of my all time favorites. Unless you were living under a rock, RDR was an eagerly anticipated game. GTA IV is an outstanding game, no doubt. The stories have all been top notch, especially with the superstar voice actors. The gameplay and relative freedom to do what you like in a sandbox world is fascinating.

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Who made that poll? I wonder who’s voting. And which of them actually know me. Those names get throw around the general so much that anyone could have made it Mateo Eohth:

Katerina Cosgrove was born in Sydney of Greek and Australian parentage. She completed a BA (Communications) at UTS and co-established cafes and bookshops for over a decade. Katerina Cosgrove Essays – Laser Summer School.

This shouldn’t be red, but it will be in IE 5. It shouldn’t be red, but it will be. Section C – Key concepts Bug 1: Backslash not supported P. Section D – bugs with units Bug 1: This should be smaller than the rest of the document aside from the headings and PREs , but won’t be font-size: This should be in small caption, but won’t be. The element above has line-height: In IE 5 however, it will have because it won’t render backgrounds smaller than font-size.

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