E The answer to this questions is D because the word accused must take the preposition of rather than to. This means that the use of the verb to be is incorrect. Instead, the sentence must use of, and the preposition of must take a gerund. For this sentence to be correct, it should read: While the principal of the high school is mild-mannered, the vice principal is often accused of being too harsh with the students. Because the word die sounds exactly the same as the word dye, it can be hard to remember which spelling means expire and which means color. Here is a handy list of commonly confused words, and their definitions: An illusion is a deception or unreal image.

Pronoun Reference

Here are some lessons I use with my students to teach them about sentences. One of the first things I try to teach my students is to recognize sentences. They learn that sentences express a complete idea. Here are some exercises that will help them recognize sentences.

Example Sentences List. Which road shall we take? What time would the match begin? Whose car is this? Difference between interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns. We use the words what, which, whose as both interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns. However, in case of interrogative adjectives, nouns or pronouns follow them.

Types[ edit ] There are various ways of classifying conditional sentences. One distinction is between those that state an implication between facts, and those that set up and refer to a hypothetical situation. There is also the distinction between conditionals that are considered factual or predictive, and those that are considered counterfactual or speculative referring to a situation that did not or does not really exist.

Implicative and predictive[ edit ] A conditional sentence expressing an implication also called a factual conditional sentence essentially states that if one fact holds, then so does another. If the sentence is not a declarative sentence , then the consequence may be expressed as an order or a question rather than a statement. The facts are usually stated in whatever grammatical tense is appropriate to them; there are not normally special tense or mood patterns for this type of conditional sentence.

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Around the House – Make each sentence begin to make sense for you. Celebrating Thanksgiving – Turkey time! See if you can use proper grammar at the dinner table. Fun in the Sun – Which -s verb fits? This is a prompting activity. Garden Fun! – Help each sentence flow and move.

Thanks a lot for these suggestions. I will be sure to make a list of these topics and include them in the future videos really soon. Christine Agreed, some great topics. I will subscribe to your youtube channel. Looking forward to it. Not every vacation requires a 10 hour flight and a luxury hotel. A quick getaway in a car for a night or two can also be considered a getaway.

I very much appreciate these ideas and will get to work shortly.


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Contains 10 number sentence picture match problems. The answers can be found below. Standard: MATH An example is provided. Standard: MATH 1 Grades: (K-2 Answers for the Matching Number Sentences to Pictures homework worksheet and quiz. View Worksheet. 10 Study Tips for Math Class Math class can be an enjoyable journey if you are willing.

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While many of these were in the original script, oftentimes actors will take it upon themselves to add a line line or two. With that in mind here are 10 of our favorite moments of on-the-spot improvisation 1 Blade Runner The Tears in the Rain speech may seem perfectly planned in Blade Runner, but actor Rutger Hauer actually made it up on the fly. He claims that out of all the dialogue on the page during this scene, he only kept the two lines that made the most sense.

It turns out, director Martin Scorsese, unsure what he should have De Niro say in this crucial character moment, simply advised that the actor talk to himself. He did so for almost two hours resulting in movie magic.

Check out the full example below, or check out the skill base matchmaking algorithm demo CodePen here: See the Pen Memewarz – Matchmaking #2 by Ian Jennings (@ianjennings) on CodePen.0 In our next post, we’ll show you how to enable users to challenge each other.

The creations of these functions can be automated by Haskell’s data record syntax. Filtering data with patterns[ edit ] Pattern matching can be used to filter data of a certain structure. For instance, in Haskell a list comprehension could be used for this kind of filtering: The Mathematica function Cases filters elements of the first argument that match the pattern in the second argument: In Mathematica, it is also possible to extract structures as they are created in the course of computation, regardless of how or where they appear.

The function Trace can be used to monitor a computation, and return the elements that arise which match a pattern. For example, we can define the Fibonacci sequence as fib[0 1]: Given fib[3], what is the sequence of recursive Fibonacci calls?


Begin the match at a word boundary. Remarks The Matches String, String, RegexOptions method is similar to the Match String, String, RegexOptions method, except that it returns information about all the matches found in the input string, instead of a single match. It is equivalent to the following code:

With Subtraction Sentences Worksheet, students learn to represent subtraction as subtraction sentences, using symbols and numbers. An subtraction sentence is a number sentence or simply an equation used to express subtraction.

My instructor arrived late to class. My instructor claimed that the child care center opened late and that was why my instructor, in turn, was late; however, a classmate said that the classmate saw the instructor at the coffee bar at 8: Clearly, a few he’s and she’s would help this narrative. Of course, if both the instructor and the classmate are females, we might end up with some confusion. Unclear pronoun reference, along with a mismatch between the pronoun and its referent or antecedent, the word the pronoun is intended to replace , are issues that frequently cause students trouble.

Avoid most pronoun reference problems by following these rules: Make pronouns agree in person and number with their antecedents. Make pronouns gender-neutral when possible. Make pronouns refer unambiguously to their intended referents. Make sure the pronoun referent actually appears nearby.


We’ll start with the basics and move on to the very confusing. These name persons, things, places, ideas — can be concrete or abstract. Stephanie, door, biology, honor.

Phrase Matchingedit. Like the match query, the match_phrase query first analyzes the query string to produce a list of terms. It then searches for all the terms, but keeps only documents that contain all of the search terms, in the same positions relative to each other.

Recognize a fragment when you see one. A fragment occurs whenever you do these three things: You begin a group of words with a capital letter. You conclude this group of words with an end mark—either a period [. You neglect to insert a main clause somewhere between the capital letter at the beginning and the end mark concluding the word group. Every sentence must have at least one main clause.

A main clause contains an independent subject and verb and expresses a complete thought. Once you have a main clause, you can then add other grammatical elements, but you must have the main clause as the base of the sentence. Read the main clause below, then the additions to it: During the stressful chemistry test, Victor sneezed repeatedly. Because Julissa wore too much perfume, Victor sneezed repeatedly during the stressful chemistry test.

Victor sneezed repeatedly, each time asking Janice for a new tissue to blow his nose. To deal with the stress building up in his head, Victor sneezed repeatedly as he slogged through the difficult chemistry test.

s Method (rExpressions)

Each one defines a clause, because only clauses have Verb Phrases. The main Verb Phrase of the whole Sentence is the Verb Phrase that all the other clauses modify; this makes the clause containing it the Main Clause. So the main verb in the Main Clause in a sentence is the main verb of that sentence.

Example sentence: “I’m going over to Jeremy’s to Netflix and chill.” Pron This means porn and if you hear your teen talking about pron, it is probably time to have a conversation about the dangers of viewing porn, addiction to it and your personal concerns with this issue.

In fact, English is one of the most difficult languages to learn because there are so many exceptions to its rules. Even though most of us learn how to read and write in school, it is still very common for us to make mistakes from time to time. It could be an occasional slip up, or it could be a misunderstanding of the correct way to say things. When it comes to sentence construction, here are the five most common types of errors.

Subject-Verb Disagreement The subject of the sentence, and the verb that describes what the subject is doing, must match. The boy mow the lawn. The boy mows the lawn. Parallelism — Structure Errors When two or more parts of a sentence are doing the same thing, they must have matching structures, or parallel structures. Jamie loves to ride her bike, swimming, and to dance.

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