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The summer is finally starting to pick up. Sorry Emilio, it was nice knowing you. Although, it would be nice if he goes to visit her when the filming starts in Jersey again. I can see him going crazy on some dude over Snooks. Maybe we could have an all steroid match between Ronnie and Emilio. Pauly D and The Situation decide to take a road trip down to Miami and that should be fun but seriously, what could they have to talk about other than partying, girls and GTL? Nothing really interesting happened on this road trip except the guys decided to buy fireworks and got their SUV stuck out somewhere trying to find a place to set them off. Oh, Pauly D casually mentions that he hooked up with Angelina in LA and then he moved on to the next girl. Pauly D and the loathsome Angelina, we have a sub plot.

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Print Article AA My, how time flies. We can’t believe we’re already into the eleventh episode Jersey Shore, but it’s true. Don’t worry, if you missed the first ten, there was lots of tanning, fighting, clubbing, gyming and drunking. We open this particular day to a virtually empty house–the ladies and Ronnie are getting pedicures or something, and Vinny has taken Pauly to Staten Island to have dinner with his family. This is also when Pauly discovers that Staten Island is actually an island.

The Situation is left alone in the home.

Summer at the Jersey Shore kicks off when eight house mates move into their summer share. Romance heats up between Sammy and Mike, but all might be lost when the guys invite three random girls to join them in the hot tub.

We’re back for another hour of high jinks and high drama courtesy of our lovable though somewhat reprehensible friends down in the MIA. This week saw the conclusion of Snooki and JWOWW’s ill-advised letter scheme — now that Sammi knows about Ron’s infidelity, will she leave him for good? We have a sinking feeling that we’re going to continue to see both Ronnie’s butt-crack and fights in the bathroom between these two for a very long time. And little Snooks also underwent a traumatic split from Emilio, after finding out he was homophobic or something?

We admire Snooki’s dedication to gay rights; she is becoming more worldly before our very eyes, what with her new vocabulary words like “sympathetic” and “wisely. Whenever they’re onscreen we laugh, and whenever Ronnie and Sam appear we groan. This week, we’re replacing our Class-Off format; in writing these recaps, we’ve realized that it’s not so much classiness that we’re measuring, it’s more like human decency.

Ronnie topped the list last week because he called his girlfriend a bitch and repeatedly cheated on her, not because he burped and farted. And so, herewith, our new index: Which Jersey Shore castmate will most likely go to hell? Most Likely to Go to Hell! Well, this was an easy pick. After Sam finds the anonymous note, Ronnie goes into full apology mode, owning up to some of the accusations.

Jersey Shore Reunion: Should Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Vinny Guadagnino Date

Next What do you think of Ronnie and Jwoww?!?!? Okay let me start off by saying I’m on team Jwoww all the way, I honestly even forgot why Sammi hates Jwoww is it really because of a letter and why did she apologize to snooks and deena without even trying to talk to jen? Anyways that doesnt mean I think its right what Ronnie did to Sam in Miami but in Anyways that doesnt mean I think its right what Ronnie did to Sam in Miami but in a way I always felt that Sammi was threatened by Jen.

However seeing how Ronnie hasnt been doing anything wrong sense he got back to jersey he seems like he lived and learned which is a good thing but sam even admitted that she cant trust him anymore so why is she still with him??? I dont think they will be in a serious realtionship considering there past maybe fwb?

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Share this article Share Shocked by the guest list in attendance, she continued, ‘My friends from high school and parents showed up! Snooki looked gorgeous in a velvet black dress for the ‘Gatsby-themed’ event where former cast members and Real Housewives of New Jersey stars danced the night away A silver choker with dangling diamonds was perfectly positioned to show off her ample assets.

Her ombre-colored hair was worn in loose waves and she carried a white-and-black purse with a long silver chain across her chest. Guests wined and dined throughout the evening at the steakhouse, with the celebration featuring a geometrical cake by Carlo’s Bakery and a fun photo booth. Guests wined and dined throughout the evening at the steakhouse, with the celebration featuring a geometrical cake by Carlo’s Bakery and a fun photo booth Lovely ladies: Deena Cortese opted for a glittering mini dress while Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice covered up with a furry blue coat and Melissa Gorga donned black thigh high boots Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice got in on the action, both donning black outfits, with Teresa opting to cover up with a fluffy blue coat.

Newlywed Deena Cortese donned a tight black and gold mini dress as she showered her friend with love and selfies.

Jersey Shore, Ep. 3: Ronnie Breaks His Only Rule, Smushes Sweetheart

Episode 1 Summer at the Jersey Shore kicks off when eight house mates move into their summer share. Romance heats up between Sammy and Mike, but all might be lost when the guys invite three random girls to join them in the hot tub. Episode 2 Still feeling like the outcast, Snookie tells the others that she’s leaving the Shore.

And the roommates’ first night out at the club gets flirty, proving that the boyfriends back home might have something to worry about. Episode 3 The love triangle gets even more intense when Ronnie catches Sammy giving her number to another guy. And a housemate chooses to leave the Shore for good.

NEW EPISODES THURS NOV 29 MTV Floribama Shore. This is the story of eight young adults who spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up .

Rather than trying to find a new cast, Jersey Shore stuck completely to the original group and wanted to keep the original seven and Deena together as long as possible. Almost everything the cast did and shore was captured by cameras and that resulted in a fair share of embarrassing drunken escapades. The cast shore, however, allowed some small measure of modesty. Once a week the cast could have one phone conversation, in hook, without being shore in any way.

It was hook, for the most part, the only way to talk to someone outside the house had to be on camera jersey with the duck. When Jersey Shore ended in season 6 the show was very much on top, at least when it came to the jerzey. Snooki became pregnant in the sixth and final season. Snooki, meanwhile, wanted to hook on and start a family, and a couple of her cast members agreed that it was time to end it.

While Jersey Shore became scemes bit of trashy phenomena, it dating vacations singles far from universally beloved. The biggest critic of Jersey Shore dating sites york up scenes the state’s governor, Chris Christie. Christie did everything his power to make the filming of the show as hook up phone to car radio as possible. Christie even vetoed atax incentive that the show was given because he so disagreed with scenes way it scenes New Jersey.

Angelina Pivarnick’s stint on Jersey Shore was as brief as it was tumultuous.

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Share to Google plus Tuesday, March 13, – Tbh, sometimes it made Geordie Shore look like an etiquette school for good manners. But pick the most shocking moments? Can it even be done? The legends are back!

Sammi tries to figure out what Ronnie REALLY did at the club the night before, but no one is saying. And when Angelina interrupts Pauly’s game, we see a whole new side of the usually calm Pauly D.

Jenni Jwoww Farley Powered by imdb. JWoww latest news including JWoww photos, dating gossip and videos. Video embeddedWatch videoRoger and JWoww announced on Christmas Day that they were expecting their first child, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Meilani Alexandra, in July Tom Lippolis, JWoww’s exboyfriend, was not surprised that she hooked up with someone else on Jersey Shore. Here’s a look at Jenni Farley’s new man.

Video embeddedWatch videoJenni JWoww Farley married longtime boyfriend Roger Mathews on Sunday, but the nuptials werent even the biggest news of the day the couple is expecting. Don’t act like you have anything better to do today than find out about Ryan Reynolds’ dating history. For Email Marketing you can trust. We work with prisons across the UK and help hardtoreach individuals learn new skills through vocational programmes such.

How do you know when it’s time to consider marriage.

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March 24, at 3: The characters live in their own little world but you cant help but love the show. Its so stupid its funny. They should have been over and done with. I mean how many times have they already broken up???

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Watch with hayu 1. Angelina arrives and the drama quickly picks up where it left off in Seaside. Tension is high between Ron and Sam and she is left brokenhearted while he gets crazy at the club. Suitable for ages 18 and over Language: Creepin’ Angelina swallows her pride and apologizes to the girls. Together the girls decide to write an “anonymous” letter to Sammi and finally reveal the entire truth.

Suitable for ages 15 and over Subtitles and Closed Captions Language: Not So Shore The anonymous note causes tension between the girls, culminating in a full-blown cat-fight. After spending another night in bed with Vinny, Snooki reveals a not-so-little known fact about her pinkeye-prone cuddle-buddy.

Do The Guys from Jersey Shore Take Steroids

Yeah, we assumed something fabulous would ostensibly come out of Vinny’s pit-stained, fist-pumping promo , but we just didn’t know what. As the minutes ticked away, the show became increasingly more fascinating, and by the end of the premiere, we marveled at the hookups — both hot and, well, not. Let’s relive some of the strangest smoochin’ and smushing that made Season 1 so memorable. Hot Tub Tonguefest Casties Involved: She quasi-cannonballed into the steaming hot water, started licking Ronnie up and down, then got denied by JWOWW when she went in for a kiss.

All the guys said that she was way too sloppy, but natch, they changed their minds later on.

Lots of happenings on the latest “Jersey Shore,” but here are my five favorite moments. Fire in the Hole Sunday dinner got a little smokier than normal this week. Enter the fire department, much to the delight of the girls. JWoww called the firemen “prime-A meat of men” while Snooki admitted, “That’s actually one of my fantasies, for a fireman to, like, come rescue me, like, put out my fire literally with, you know, like, a fire outfit on. Sounds like she needs penicillin.

Then, the Situation tried to hit up one of the patrons, so they were promptly kicked out. But not before Pauly D snagged two honeys for him and his main man. Unfortunately, one of them wasn’t as DTF as they expected. When the hookup began, the Situation found out his girl is sober and doesn’t have casual sex, to which he responded, “Listen, we don’t have to bang. You could just b me. We had a girl obsessed with a Jacuzzi and an angry dude telling his lady-friend to b him.

Since when did “Jersey Shore” become a Mel Gibson phone call? Spray It, Don’t Say It You know how if you put peanut butter on your fingers, your dog will lick it off? Well, the Situation and Pauly D are hoping body spray has the same effect on humans.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap, Season 2, Episode 6

Jessica’s ‘Jersey Shore’ recap: Who ate that cake?! Jessica Cantarelli This week’s Episode 7 of “Jersey Shore” picked up right where we left off last time—with Roger lecturing JWoww like she’s his teenage daughter.

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Don’t Duck With Me! – Jersey Shore

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