Capricorn and Gemini as a Love Match

While fun loving Gemini is one of the most sought after boyfriends, he might possibly be a little too independent and restless to accept the kind of compromises that marriage can entail. If you do manage to snare a Gemini man, the good news is that your marriage is unlikely ever to deteriorate into a state of boring tedium. On the other hand, due to his strong need for freedom, a Gemini husband may be unable to provide you with the kind of commitment and togetherness you require. Talking, exchanging ideas, going places, meeting new people, and learning new things together will form an integral, and wonderfully enriching, aspect of your marriage. With his constant need for variety, he doesn’t want to be stuck in one place, or with one person, for too long. Having an active social life and seeing his friends on a regular basis is essential to your Gemini partner’s happiness and wellbeing. Both literally and figuratively, he prefers to keep on the move. As someone who tends to respond very rationally to life, a Gemini husband can help you to keep your cool coping with the ups and downs of everyday living.

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He’s moody, he’s habitually late or early , his musical taste is questionable, he’s got a touch of OCD—the list is endless. But most men, like most women, have a lot of good and bad traits, and if you’re lucky, the positives at least slightly outweigh the negatives. What’s appealing about Gemini men is most wear their hearts — and their personalities — on their sleeves.

True to their astrological symbol, the Twins, Gemini men have two distinctive sides. These separate personas are so obvious, you may feel like you’re dating two guys at once, a man who can excuse himself to the restroom during a jovial conversation peppered with naughty jokes and return minutes later in deep thought about ending world hunger.

5 brutal truths about why dating a gemini. Gemini man like to know you are impossible to have fun and noticed this age of 00 kph miles. Geminis are an extremely loving a taurus or probably dating is cool, the bad, the person, according to love.

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The Gemini Sexuality

There are obviously many things you can try and do to spark his interest. Some women dress in provocative clothing. Others cook gourmet meals. Your other single friends all probably have their own jewels of advice that range from dating another man to make him jealous to giving him an ultimatum.

True to their astrological symbol, the Twins, Gemini men have two distinctive sides. These separate personas are so obvious, you may feel like you’re dating two guys at once, a man who can excuse himself to the restroom during a jovial conversation peppered with naughty jokes and return minutes later in deep thought about ending world hunger.

We will never be able to decide where to go out for dinner We’re indecisive to the MAX. So can you make the decisions, please? We’re total chatterboxes, so there’ll rarely be an awkward silence. We can get on with anyone Work drinks, christenings – there’s no social situation we can’t handle. And your parents will adore us. We are the life and soul of any and every party. We’re just saying what everyone else is thinking.

On the plus side, everyone will be jealous that you bagged such a livewire of a woman. On the down side, if you like to be the centre of attention, you’ll be disappointed.

Gemini Compatibility

Search Gemini Man If you are one of those who need a constant reassurance in love, then don’t even think of getting close to a Gemini man. He will always be there for you, but it will not be the same as being always there with you. His characteristic profile makes him restless and fidgety; so don’t expect him to be at the same place for too long.

The Gemini man is a wordsmith and a master of communication. It’s not all idle chatter, or conversations about the weather with this man. He is an intellectual, always seeking more information and knowledge. Bright, quick-witted, and mercurial, the Gemini man is many things but he is never boring.

Variety is the spice of life! Wittiness, logical, perceptive, adaptive, versatile, continual activity, strong communication ability. Superficial, restless, double-talk, unreliable, changeability, inconsistency, tendency to gossip. The pearl that symbolize modesty, chastity and purity. Gemini rules the upper arms, shoulders, lungs, thymus gland and since Gemini is dual sign, tend to suffer from two diseases at the same time.

Common complaints are respiratory problems such as asthma and Tb and nervous conditions. Vulnerable areas are the nervous system, lungs, hands, arms and hearing. Mutable signs are transformers, critics, communicators, wanting change and growth. Active, positive, less receptive with the emphasis on spirit and intellect. Air signs are communicators, intellectual, social and inquisitive. Air people are quick thinking, analytical and dynamic. Gemini in love Gemini is very communicative, witty, sharp, charismatic, inquisitive and intellectual with a fascination for new experiences.

Your Gemini lover has a dual nature and has therefore more than one personality. Witty, fun and fast twins will gravitate towards others that are smart and hip.

12 Things To Know About Being With A Gemini Man

Technology Interesting facts about Aries zodiac Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac. Aries tend to be physically active, very good at sports, competitive and full of energy. Interesting facts about Aries personality Facts 1: Aries will never let you face your problems alone. They will always be right there to protect you. Aries becomes heartless with whoever breaks their trust.

I was dating a Gemini 8 months friends and benefits well I fell in love and recently said goodbye. He was seeing another girl too. Our age difference held him back even though it was great.

Personality Traits and Characteristics Novak Djokovic Gemini-born man is intellectual, energetic, enthusiastic and fun to be with, but they are stunningly unpredictable. Are they fully reliable? Well, it is doubtful. Gemini man can impress you with his inherent wit and charm. He can talk for hours, and for sure you will not get a bit bored in his company.

Gemini Man can be excellent communicators if he hone his skills. When he find out that somebody is trying to put him in a confined space or try to attack his freedom in any way, gemini zodiac man will immediately run away! In social circles, Gemini man is stunningly popular ones, and what contributes a lot to his popularity is his creativity. Gemini man is imaginative and can think out of the box and come up with practical and innovative solutions or recommendations.

As the attention span is very limited, Gemini zodiac man may not be very good at doing in-depth analysis and focusing on minute details. This may become a major block in his path when he want to reach great heights in life.

Gemini Facts Archives

Air sign; ruled by Mercury Cerebral, chatty, loves learning and education, charming, and adventurous. The Gemini symbol is that of a pair of twins. This is because this sign rarely likes to do anything alone. Gemini are never happier than when they are sharing ideas and concepts with someone else. Communication is a key element for this sign, so many of this sign go into occupations that include some communication in some large capacity. Curiosity is a key characteristic of this sign, and they are people persons.

Since they are represented by the “Twins”, you might feel like you’re dating two people at the same time when you’re with a Gemini. Difficult to love and having two .

As the mutable air sign, for Gemini love is primarily about a meeting of minds. Hard to pin down and with a preference for quantity over and above quality, Gemini is a sign that avoids getting too deeply involved in its love affairs and giving of itself completely in sex. Is it afraid of true intimacy? Well maybe, in that full commitment to just one person might just threaten to clip its butterfly wings.

The big strength of this sign in relationships is, without question, its communication skills. Often cited as the sign most likely to have phone sex, Geminis of both gender enjoy chatting endlessly to their lovers, whether remotely or in person. Indeed the problem with most Geminis is not getting them to talk to you, but rather how to shut them up!

Geminis are by and large ideas people who are happy to analyze the dynamics of a relationship from an intellectual point of view. To those of a more sensitive make-up, Gemini can appear to have rather a cold-hearted side.

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Geminis are the most passionate people in the Zodiac. If you date them, be prepared for life to be a little bit like a musical, but mostly without all the bursting into song. Exciting things will happen, all the time, at least according to your Gemini. This also means that you should be exciting too.

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This means they want to come and go as per their own convenience. Speak before they think! When this becomes very frequent, it starts to annoy people but Geminis continue to do so anyways! Due to their curious nature, they indulge in the arts and academic with equal fervor. Hence, as parents, they have a lot to share with their kids. They encourage them to read and let their imagination take over. Interesting discussions with the child helps to stimulate their learning further.

They have a tough time completing a hobby if they lose interest midway. Also, they are quick learners and grasp new ideas faster than the others but one needs to really hold their attention for this else all will be lost. For a mercurial Gemini, who is one personality for a minute and shifts to someone else the next, this flower helps in clearing the mind and stay calm!

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Dating a Gemini is like a one-way ticket to New York. You know it’s going to be worth it, and you know you’re going to have fun. But chances are, you’re not going to make it back emotionally and.

For the Gemini who loves a relationship full of surprises, an innovative Aquarius partner might be just what the doctor ordered. Both thrive on open communication and active social lives. They also both have a strong need for change and variety in their lives. These two will become fast friends and any romance that comes from that connection will be all the richer for it. Both intellectual and free-spirited air signs, Libra and Gemini will have a lot in common from day one.

Both absolutely love to talk and communicate. They also share a mutual love for art, fun, and culture that will always ensure that they have plenty to talk about together. They see eye to eye on what a relationship should be about as well. These two together will create an easygoing union that will always be open and understanding in every way. Both Aries and Gemini possess what may seem to outsiders like an excess of energy and vitality.

The Gemini Man in Love

Here are 12 brutal reasons why dating a Gemini is both sucky and also the best decision you can ever possibly make. Welcome to the world of a walking contradiction! Spontaneity is our middle name. Perfect, we are too.

Interesting facts about Gemini personality Facts 1: Gemini thinks too much. Facts 2: As a Gemini you’re extremely independent so anyone who thinks they can control you is going to have a problem.

Gemini Facts Gemini Facts Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is symbolically represented by the twins. Some of the visible traits of Geminis are that they are very vibrant and vivacious individuals who always cheer up the environment around them. They have a very sharp mental ability and intelligence and are brilliant communicators.

They have loads of energy flowing in them and are always ready to take up new challenges. Along with all these, they are also cheerful, tactful, versatile and diplomatic. They always know how to handle a situation. They are never afraid or shy of attending or being a part of new social gatherings and are very open and friendly. One of their strongest characteristic personalities is their curiosity. They are always curious to know more about the things around them and have immense thirst for knowledge.

But on the other side they can also be lazy and untidy and tend to prevaricate at times. Some of the positive qualities of Gemini’s are the fact that they are brilliant and intelligent, good communicators, gregarious, diplomatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, tactful, cheerful, witty and versatile. They are every ready to adapt to any situation that life offers them. They have a huge thirst for knowledge and they keep exploring their environment for more information and knowledge.

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